T3SEO TYPO3 Download Shorturls: Easy to remember, always up to date

When installing TYPO3 on your webserver it's good to load the sources directly from Sourceforge using wget. Unfortunatelly you have to look up the long URLs first. But now you can use the following Short URLs instead. Remember them once and be as quick as hell downloading TYPO3 in the future!

Stable Release

It's recommended to use these packages when you build a new TYPO3 Website. The Short URL will automatically point to the latest stable release.


Dev Version

Check out the development release for the latest features. Not recommended for production usage. The Short URL will automatically point to the latest development release.


Older Versions

Got a nostalgic feeling? Use our service to have a quick access to older TYPO3 releases.

dl.t3seo.de/4.5 dl.t3seo.de/4.4 dl.t3seo.de/4.3


By default you'll get a .tar.gz package. If you rather want .zip pick an URL from above and append /zip to it. Examples:





In the command line type wget http://dl.t3seo.de/stable -O typo3_src.tgz to download the the latest stable version.

Provided by t3seo.de. Header Image: Servers by KN6KS released under Creative Commons License.